Angio-Seal is the medical device used to perform hemostasis and the only one that can be used for vessels with a diameter of less than 5mm. The biggest benefits of the device are the reduction of time and post-procedural complications. The design allows it to be fixed close to the arterial wall, without affecting blood circulation and without residual stenosis.

Worldwide, over 25 million Angio-Seal devices have been used in 25 years since their launch on the market.

Angio-Seal is distinguished by:

  • the risk of complications is significantly reduced
  • hemostasis following interventional procedures is achieved much faster and with a success rate of over 99.7%
  • the patient’s recovery is faster and the hospitalization time is reduced
  • all components of the device are completely absorbable
  • the closure device is 95% resorbed after only 42 days and completely resorbed within 60-90 days.

Terumo is a world leader in the segment with more than 30% global market share.

Terumo introduced the first guidewire on the market in 1985 (Guidewire M Standard) and since then has continued to develop new types of guidewires with different characteristics, such as shape retention, support, tip flexibility, anti-bending, tip durability, etc.

Terumo‘s portfolio offers a wide variety of introductory sheaths, expansion balloons, guidewires, and stents.

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