Interventional cardiology
Cateter ryurei

Balloons for percutaneous dilatations

The combination of the flexibility of the distal part, the conical core on the middle shaft, and the thickened proximal hypotube facilitate a smooth and balanced transition on the entire catheter.

Angiography Catheters

The ultrathin structure of the Optitorque catheter wall allows a smaller outer diameter and a larger inner diameter

Cateter de angiografie


Terumo is a world leader in the segment of access and diagnostic devices for Cardiology, Radiology, and Interventional Oncology procedures

Vascular sealing

Angioseal is the only device that can be used in vessels with a diameter of less than 5mm. All components of the device are completely absorbable

Stenturi cardiace

Cardiac stents

Ultimaster is the coronary stent with a biodegradable polymer that has the latest technologies available at the moment