Aerogen is a high-performance nebulizer designed with unique palladium vibrating mesh technology, used to deliver aerosol-administered drugs.

The vibrating net is only 5 mm in diameter and is perforated with 1000 precision-formed holes, which vibrate 128,000 times per second, to produce particles of optimal size for deep lung penetration.

Aerogen Solo together with the Aerogen Pro-X or USB Controller offers the following benefits:

  • Provides aerosols with high efficiency during ventilation, oxygen therapy
  • Improves lung recruitment strategy for patients with respiratory failure
  • Provides superior drug release
  • Optimally delivers drugs during NIV, CPAP, HFOV, and HFNC
  • Quick and easy setup with no extra flow
  • It does not heat or degrade drugs
  • Administration of solutions, suspensions, proteins, and peptides
  • Quiet operation
  • Reduced residual volume
  • Keeping the circuit closed provides protection against contamination with various pathogens, does not interrupt the respiratory support for aerosol treatment
  • Flexibility – can be used in all ways of respiratory support as well as patients who breathe spontaneously
  • Ease of use – can be used both continuously and intermittently
  • It is economical – use of a single patient for 28 days intermittently or 7 days continuously

Aerogen gives you control by ensuring the consistency of safe treatment for patients in ATI.
Aerogen Solo offers aerosol treatment with all possibilities for ventilatory support, including conventional mechanical ventilation, high flow ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, and high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy, including spontaneously breathing patients.
Together with the AIRVO high-flow adjustable oxygen therapy equipment, it offers the possibility of aerosol treatment for patients receiving oxygen therapy without interruption of therapy and without opening the circuit.

Aerogen devices can provide the patient with a dose of the drug up to 9 times higher than a standard low volume nebulizer (SVN) during mechanical ventilation.

Studies show evidence of Aerogen Solo‘s superior aerosol release performance.

Aerogen technology is also used to administer aerosols to patients who do not require respiratory support.
In this case, Aerogen Solo is used together with Aerogen Ultra, together with the Controller.

Aerogen Ultra is used in conjunction with Aerogen Solo to provide an aerosolized drug delivery platform for patients who breathe spontaneously. Aerogen Ultra can also connect to oxygen and can be used for intermittent or continuous treatments in both adult and pediatric patients.
The innovative design of the valve system of the Aerogen Solo device controls the airflow through the aerosol chamber. Upon inhalation, the air is drawn through the inlet valve at the base of the device creating a flow of air or oxygen through the device. Thus, the aerosols are sucked out of the chamber and delivered to the patient. When the patient breathes, the inlet valve closes and the exhalation valve opens to the patient. This allows the patient to exhale through the port of the oral cavity while the chamber is refilled by Solo Aerogen.

When using Aerogen devices, in addition to very good performance, there were also cost savings.

Aerogen is currently the most advanced way of administering aerosols to all patients with respiratory pathology.

Aerogen is a world leader in the production of nebulized drug delivery systems used in intensive care. For more than 20 years, Aerogen products have been providing extraordinary results in patients with respiratory problems. Aerogen products are used by over 10 million patients in over 75 countries and play a key role in caring for critically ill patients. The nebulization technology used by Aerogen is perfectly compatible with the mechanical ventilators produced by the most important leaders in the field: Dräger, GE, Hamilton Medical, Maquet, Medtronic, and Philips.

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